How the Nabi Spa facial reset this clients commitment to her wellness and self care routines .

What were your expectations going in for my facial?

I went into Nabi Spa looking for a relaxing experience. I was looking to heal my winter-weary skin and sooth my frayed spirit. Winter is a difficult time for both. The freezing temperatures wreak havoc on my exposed skin, leaving my face dry and flaky with the occasional pimple. It is also, for me, a time of darkness and retreat. A facial seemed like the perfect way to pamper myself mentally and physically.


How does Nabi Spa compare to previous treatments at other Spas?

The first thing I noticed when I entered Nabi Spa was the bright, welcoming, open, atmosphere. In other spas, there was usually a person at a reception desk like a hotel with very little else in the front room. The rest of the spa was not visible from the entrance. Those types of spas came across as a little impersonal. Nabi opened up onto a clean peaceful room with elegant and comfortable seats for pedicures. The facials and the massages were, of course, held in the back in separate rooms but the first impression was one of openness. Subtle relaxing music floated in the background and the air smelled clean, fresh, and free from the chemical smells that some spas contain. The treatment itself was sublime. The massage that accompanies the facial melted away any stress and tension that I had been carrying around. The products were all organic and gentle on my very sensitive skin. The whole experience left me looking and feeling fantastic.

Did you learn anything about my skin type or anything about my overall health?

Both Spa attendants were very knowledgeable about skin care and health in general. Although I already knew quite a bit about how to take care of my temperamental overly sensitive skin, I did learn that drinking lots of water was not only good for the skin but also for overall health.

Did you modify my beauty regimen or lifestyle as a result of what I learned at the spa? 

I’d have to say sadly, no. It must be noted that great advice doesn’t always lead to action.  I may drink a little extra water but I am truly a creature of habit. It would take more than one facial to get me to alter my lifestyle significantly. That being said, it left me with things to think about. I may resist altering my routine, but thought is the first step to any positive change. And it definitely laid out a path, that if I should choose to follow it in some small way, it would lead to a healthier more energetic life.

 What was your favourite part of the treatment?

My favourite part of the treatment was definitely the massage. The masseuse had magic hands finding every area of tension and infusing each with a relaxing energy. I felt myself dissolve into the comfortable, lightly heated massage table.

What do you value most when it comes to self care and how did Nabi Spa help support this?

Self care is something that I often neglect. What I value is being able to put aside time that is truly my own even if it is only occasionally. I have at times filled the gap with good chocolate but that is only a temporary fix. Nabi Spa allowed me to leave my stresses outside and visit a place of uninterrupted relaxation. One treatment provide me with more self care than I usually allot myself in months. I would highly recommend it; it’s better than chocolate.